Interior View
Interior View
The duration of transformation through generations, comes the maturity of buildings. Generations: Memory of Space is a study regarding the aging of our historical local building. Sustaining the library as a program of the building, the project conserves existing structures while implementing new systems that create contemporary experiences to accommodate users of all generations and backgrounds. The memory of the building stays while the house components reflect the new age we currently reside in.
The AR boxes allow for children to meet the fairy-tale characters. A break from reading, they may physically watch their favorite characters narrate the stories. Books of our century no longer serve as tales unfolded through letters on pages.

The Book Pond creates experiences for users to interact more freely with books. The system challenges the idea of organized books on bookshelves and creates an unconventional manner of approaching them. Children may find themselves playing in the pond to dispense with the fear of having to sit and remain still to read.
With all respect to the beauty of reading and traditional structures of the library, the project introduces systems that allow for the users to perceive ‘reading’ and interact with ‘books’ in unconventional ways. These ways create experiences reflective of our present days.
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